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My evening with BØRNS

actual fucking angel

Clearly this evening was so magical, that it took me three months to write about it!

I saw the beaut BØRNS on the 24th of August @ Oslo Hackney - a nice, intimate venue, allowing me to get up close and personal with my love.

Definitely one of the highlights of my summer!

It was so nice being able to see him before he blows up, and even better getting TWO selfies with him!

look at me being all nervy nerve shaking

Dopamine by BØRNS is definitely my ~sound~ of 2016. Each song captures the essence of falling in love, and you will fall in love with BØRNS too...but he's my back off!

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Dinner @ Rudie's London


Mid-week dinners are important. They get you over the hump, and re-energize you for the pre-weekend hurdle. Right? Am I over thinking this?

Anyway - Last night I went for dinner at Rudie's London, a fiery Jamaican hotspot in Dalston serving contemporary Jamaican fare. It was my first time, and I had very high hopes, due to reading their Trip Advisor all day, and Grace Dent's awesome review. I was ready. I was ready for some meat.

We started with oysters - grilled to perfection and drizzled with Scotch Bonnet butter. For my first ever oyster, I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely was not disappointed.

down the hatch

We also had the Cassava Chips - mainly so I could get a hit of that jerk ketchup ~

This is where things took a meaty turn. We went for the Yeah Mon! platter. Cuts of Chicken, Lamb and Pork w/ corn. Plus our plethora of sides - rice n peas, sweet potato fries + plaintain. Plus our plethora of sauces - More jerk ketchup, banana pepper, coriander and lime + hot papaya.

nice to meat ya
Fortunately we got the small rice n peas instead of the large, meaning we had room for dessert. Can't really have a Jamaican feast without rum cake, amirite?

Lo and behold this beauty. Rum Cake with rum caramel sauce, and rum and raisin ice cream. RUM, RUM, RUM. We were tempted to add another rum shot, but held back :(

Makes me tear up, just looking back at this meal.

10/10  ~ would eat again

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Weekend Food-fest

Nothing like a good weekend food-fest eh? 

I love food. I love cooking it, eating it, planning what I'd order from any and every restaurant. I love food instagrams, new openings, soft openings, high end (Duck and Waffle), low end (McDonalds), I love food.

And so, it makes total sense that my weekend plans revolve around my one true love.

I bought two new pie dishes last week, I really wanted to make a steak and ale pie, alas - Pies require time, patience, and normally a chef who isn't hungover. So I ate out...alot.

I absolutely adore Wagamama, and I love trying special menu items, so I opted for the Chicken Tamari - wok-fried chicken, aduki beans, sweet potato, mangetout, red onion, tenderstem broccoli and carrots, cooked in garlic, ginger and tamari sauce. served with rice and topped with zasai chilli paste

The evening brought another birthday meal - this time at The Trafalgar in Chelsea. My favourite Chelsea haunt, with moreish honey tequila + a very tempting menu.

The highlight of the meal (other than the absolutely incredible carrot cake from Hummingbird), had to be the pea, mint and feta arancini balls on smoked tomato houmous.

The abundance of honey tequila led to more boozing, dancing to BØRNS alone in my friends living room, and seeing in the sunrise on a roof in Chelsea.

So - that obviously called for a hungover brunch. Normally I'd opt for something drenched in rich yolk, avocado smash, and bacon pancakes. But this time - Vietnamese food was calling my name.

The plan was to go to Pho - Ealing, but it was super busy, so we ventured to the Independent Vietnamese restaurant - Pho Saigon. They had an amazing lunch deal - £5.50 for any main course, I had no idea until the bill came, so that was a pleasant surprise!

I ordered the Bun Dac Biet - Grilled Pork belly, Chicken Satay, Spring rolls and rice noodles. It came and I had no idea how to eat I went for the 'just dip it I guess' method.

hungover face :(
All in all, a successful foodie weekend. Hopefully next week I'll actually make some damn pie!

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